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NhillBillies Gourmet Treats Upcoming Events:

Port Fairy Community Market  - 2nd Saturday of each month and 4th Saturday

Ararat Farmers Market - 2nd Sunday of each month

Trentham Farmers Market - 3rd Saturday of each month

Talbot Farmers Market - 3rd Sunday of each month

Warrnambool District Market - 4th Sunday of each month

Wallaura Hospital Market - Sunday 3rd March

Halls Gap School Market - Sunday 10th March

Hamilton Harvest on the Hill - Sunday 24th March

Halls Gap School Easter Market - Sunday 31st March

Grampians Grape Escape - 1st Weekend in May 






Jewellery Gallery


The Floral Range


The floral range of crochet wire necklaces are delicately created from coloured aluminium and copper wire. They feature old world fabric pansies and mini crochet rounds made from vintage semco embroidery cottons that I have inherited from my grandmother. Each piece is decorated with small beads and threads of wire. 


Cable Range


The unique cable range have been created utilising electric cable and fuse wire and numerous computer cords. Each piece is created for an individual look which is tough and durable while providing the perfect accessories. 


Delicate Crochet Range

       delicate_crochet_005 zeva_designs_082 delicate_crochet_003

This range of necklaces are created from soft aluminium, fine coloured copper wire and delicate electric fuse wire. They are complemented by vintage crochet cotton, bead work and fine wire threads. These pieces are one of a kind, meaning no two are the same. Jazz up the simplest of outfits with detailed necklaces that are sure to impress.


The Smokey Quartz Range


This range of jewellery which includes necklaces, bracelets and rings combine the usage of copper, aluminium and gardening Tye wire with raw chunks of locally prospected smokey quartz. Each piece encases the quartz  and creates a sculptured wearable piece of authentic art for your enjoyment.


The Copper Range


The copper range of jewellery showcases a range of different textures, colours and gauge size of copper wires. Each piece is handcrafted to highlight the brilliant qualities of this amazing medium. Majority of the copper wire utilised has been sourced from old televisions and washing machines. Some amazing pieces have been created from machines that have caught fire, which provides a dark tinge to copper - very unique!


Bracelets and Cuffs

bracelets_and_cuffs_007 bracelets_and_cuffs_009 bracelets_and_cuffs_019


The bracelets and cuffs vary in design and in the materials used. The images shown give examples that include copper and aluminium, raffia, electrical and computer cable and leather. If you are not into wearing a necklace, a decorative bracelet or cuff can make the perfect accessory to any outfit. 


Wire Insects


Not sure where these guys came from.. but I thought about the idea after seeing some amazing dragonflies in my garden.... voila!!!!. the wings are structured from hard copper wire which is then wrapped in finer coloured aluminium and copper wire. The bronze wire covering the central body is a really soft glossy copper out of a television. I have made these critters into brooches but could easily be adapted to be hair clips.  


Assorted other creations


crochet red copper wire brooch