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NhillBillies Gourmet Treats Upcoming Events:

Port Fairy Community Market  - 2nd Saturday of each month and 4th Saturday

Ararat Farmers Market - 2nd Sunday of each month

Trentham Farmers Market - 3rd Saturday of each month

Talbot Farmers Market - 3rd Sunday of each month

Warrnambool District Market - 4th Sunday of each month

Wallaura Hospital Market - Sunday 3rd March

Halls Gap School Market - Sunday 10th March

Hamilton Harvest on the Hill - Sunday 24th March

Halls Gap School Easter Market - Sunday 31st March

Grampians Grape Escape - 1st Weekend in May 






Jewellery Design


The concept of crocheting wire was never planned...

it just appeared before my very eyes ..

I have always been a crafty person.. and were supported growing up in my creations by my family. But as work, life and relationships progressed on, my creativity seemed to be put to the back of the cupboard, along with the sewing machine, piles of materials and supplies.

I realised that I had unconsciously buried a huge part of who I am, what I do and what brings me pleasure, purely because I never had enough time. I have now changed all that and made time!
All creations are made from recycled wire, computer cables and components, leather, vintage crochet and embroidery threads and any thing else i can find that  creates a creative spark.

To view the gallery which gives a few examples of my current work, click back on the jewellery menu (left hand side) and the jewellery gallery page will drop down, then click into that.  

Please contact me if you wish to discuss any items featured in the gallery or to obtain current prices and designs.

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobile: 0408 913 272